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The Original DJ JBL

Devious D, Buzby & myself started a sound System called Solar Force, spinning R&B, Hip-Hop and Reggae and Dance Music etc. This cultivated different initiatives which led to my first production with Bigga, out of Ruff Rider studio Tunes like Respect, the first release and 1000 Killer Hurtz, the second many others were to follow. During this period I met T’ in my local music shop in East London, called Music Power.

TEK DIS PRODUCTIONS (The Man Behind The Music)

Shaun Stanley Composer / Producer Biography e-mail /Web site


Always a lover of music from day one, I started to Dj as soon as I could get the resources together for equipment, hooked up with a team of likeminded people, and just got on with it, doing just wedding receptions at first, then gigs at the local halls and then lots and lots of house parties [the latter were my favourite because it was there that you could play the real music] I love my rare groove and that was usually my favourite part of the night.


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DJ Wizard B

Wizard B was surrounded by music from an early age, there was always something being played in the house from blues, soul and reggae to classical music. At the age of five Wizard was enrolled in piano lessons, soon to be followed by his younger sister. His parents thought it would be a good idea for him to be able to play a musical instrument.

Green Earth Project

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Live Performer / Vocalist / Song Writer / singer / MC / Producer

Growing up, I wanted to do other things that I was interested in. Although I was a natural when it came to the stage, I was a credible self-taught Artist, Academic and dancer. Due to the pulling of Sound Systems like Mark Dean of (Sonic 5), who as well as having their own Sound System vocalists DJ’s & Musicians in their crew they had some of the tuffest dancers MC’s and Singers to come out of the Midlands.

Polyrhythmic Productions

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Neil Milliken

Well how did I catch up with Neil Milliken, It’s a long story, so I’ll speed it up a little. After being in the industry for some years. I was pulled into a few ground breaking projects as a free lance consultant. I spent my time in a studio in Watford working on the format of a dance track with an young and brilliant Sound engineer called Gerard on a tune for DJ Danny Bookham Called No Limits, which is now an old skool classic.

TUT Promotions

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Rob Li

The exemplary talents of Rob Li has lead him to play in many bands, a numerous number in fact for now a relatively young performer. All of which I would say Motimba & Abstract Word has been the biggest progressive influence for him and his future aspirations. Up until recently you could catch Robert and Motimba at Bar Salsa Charring Cross Road London. Robert Ray Henry is undoubtedly one of the best musical all rounders Brixton has every seen, a


Gee & T

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Gee & T

To talk about the contribution of Gee & T to the underground scene would be a bit pretentious, because they do not pertain to promote or support the facilitation of self. One afternoon in 1997/8 I hit on a shop call D.V.ant Records. I walked in and met Gee, he was friendly and open minded we started talking about music and live recordings.

Big Up MC Micro

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Gee & T

In 1990 I joined a small record label called Production House Records, a small group of family and friends who wanted to produce and sell their own dance music. By 1992, with a string of hits in the Music Week top 60 dance charts, Production House broke into the national charts with a track entitled TRIP TO THE MOON which was followed closely by the labels biggest hit & national Number one, LET ME BE YOUR FANTASY, by BABY D.

Many Thank’s & Nuff Repect to DJ Principal

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DJ Principal

I’ve been in the music business since the late 70’s playing Reggae on local sound systems. I had my own sound at the beginning of 1990 called Nu-Design. Myself and MC Rumpus in 1994 noticed a change in musical direction to jungle being inspired by the mighty Kenny Ken. I also moved on to few local promotions with local talent.

Devious D

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The Original DJ Devious D

Devious D started out as a bedroom Dj and was playing Hip Hop. In 1990 he came 3rd in the DMC Mixing Championships. The name Devious D was his nick name from school. By 1991 Devious D started playing out on the Rave circuit, and got his first big break for the well known organisation Telepathy, and from this playing weekly at Marshgate Lane he started to become well known.

Dezert Rat

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Dezert Rat

DJ’n started for Dezert in the early 90’s with an upfront dance show on now legendary Fantasy Fm, which produced the likes of Hype, Rythem Doc, DJ Rap, Spice, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Mr C.. Back in the day it was all about Hardcore and Jungle.

MANY THANK’S to the Jack-Knife for all help & Support, words can’t express

Jack-Knife DJ / Producer Biography e-mail /Web site


Work Hard - Play Hardcore. It’s Jack-Knife, Widely Known Amongst Many As One Dj Who Has Stayed True To His Roots. Although Very Versatile, He Has Always Pushed Hardcore And Jungle Passed It’s Known Boundaries. Prior To His Status Within The Rave Scene, He Has Been And Still Is A Successful Rare Groove & Hip Hop Dj Playing Under Various Aliases.

Big Up Rob D’Riche, The Gifted

Rob D’Riche DJ / Producer Biography e-mail /Web site

Rob D’Riche

Riche is born out of the wild mix of a Polish mother and Irish father yet while they both worked hard in the early days young Rob was cared for by a Nanny in a tight Jamaican family in Hackney, East London. For 6 years he absorbed a rich black culture of food, music and dance. At around 10 he joined a new school which was predominantly Asian so he was further exposed to a multi-culture of religion and musical influence.

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